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Photo Gallery

Post Transplant Week One: July 11-17


Nurse Quoc (pronounced wook) came to visit. Maggie was pretty excited to see her best buddy.
Quoc brought a Build-a-Bear "Princess Maggie May" that sings "We love Maggie, she's so cool!"
The bear and Maggie both have Princess Aurora outfits too!

Speaking of so cool, look at our little budding star singing her heart out. Watch out Celine Dion and Barbra Streisand - Maggie's going to be some pretty stiff competition in the coming years.

The clowns came back over the weekend to entertain Maggie through the window again. Ali read the script over the cell phone, while Kim and Lucas used animal finger puppets to put on a show. I hear the Maggie wasn't the only one laughing... the nurses thought we were pretty silly too.


Sophie Squirrel and Sally Skunk taking a bow on the little ledge that we pretended was a grand stage.
Let me tell you, it takes a special girl to motivate a grown woman to sit on the floor of a hospital being a clown singing and dancing and puppeting... (It was totally worth it)!


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