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Who is Maggie May?

Maggie is Margaret Alaina Williams - a bright, funny, charming 3-year-old who loves to sing, dance and play! Her mom, Beth, is a huge Rod Stewart fan, so when Maggie was delivered, Beth's mother and sisters sang "Maggie May." Although, Margaret was named after Beth's grandmother Margaret and Rick's parents (Al and Elaine), it was the nickname Maggie May that stuck.

Maggie is your typical 3-year-old. She attends preschool at Creative Children's Center where she loves to paint, draw, play dress-up and sing and dance at circle-time. She likes to read books, have tea parties, dress up like a princess and play with her baby sister when she's at home. A total "ham," she will pose for any size, shape or type of camera. Maggie's always runs around with a smile on her face.


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