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Our Work So Far


Valentine's Day for CCA

This year, the CCA as a whole and 105.1 the Buzz helped raise over $510,000 with this great fundraiser! Team Maggie May did its part and helped raise $940, not including a number of other donations made in Maggie's name that weren't registered with the team! Woo-hoo!


Portland Light The Night Walk

This year this great event moved to the Oregon Convention Center with a new route- over the Willamette, down the water front and back. Team Maggie May had fun walking with our balloons and raising donations for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society!

St. Baldrick's Day

Nick O., Lucas S. and Tad K. are now sporting chrome domes after the annual St. Baldrick's Day event that helps fund childhood cancer research. This year it was held at a new venue, the Oaks Park Dance Pavilion. Together, they raised $1,805!


3rd Annual Spring Shopping Spree

This benefit event was held for the Children’s Cancer Association and the American Cancer Society. Special thanks to all of the independent consultants who participated, and the shoppers! All of the consultant's profits were donated to the Children’s Cancer Association and/or the American Cancer Society in memory of Maggie May Williams.

St. Baldrick's Day

This time around, Lucas and Tim had their heads shaved and raised $2,083 for the St. Baldrick's Foundation. A special "Thank You" to everyone that made this event successful!


8th Annual Portland Light The Night Walk

Team Maggie May would like to personally thank all of you who supported our team and this event. We were able to raise a combined total of $3,005 with 27 walkers for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Wow!!!

St. Baldrick's Day

Well... We are all now bald. Team Maggie May would like to thank all of you that helped support this cause with us. Team Maggie May raised over $4700. The Portland Barracuda chapter raised about $80,000.

Thanks again for helping out.

2005 - COTA for Maggie W. Fundraising

Our COTA for Maggie W. campaign in 2005 raised over $90,000 including matching grants! COTA reported that at the time we were one of their most successful fundraising campaigns raising nearly double the average COTA campaign. We couldn't have done it without each and every one of our volunteers who so graciously gave of their time and money. A million thank you's wouldn't be enough.

Godfather's Pizza Party

Thank you to everyone who joined us for pizza on September 14th. Godfather's Pizza was gracious to host this fundraiser at ten of their locations. Their donation was $500.00 to Maggie's COTA account! Thank you Godfather's!

Texas Hold'em Tournament

A great big thank you and round of applause to Steve Frazier and the team at Contract Furnshings Mart. What a great party! CFM sponsored this event and provided Wild Bill's Casino, Celebrate! Catering and prizes for the top 10 finishers. Wow! Thank you to Robert and Becky Alonzo for thinking of a poker tournament and working down to the wire to make it happen. Our thanks to the Home Builder's Association of Portland for donating their banquet space. Our evening would not have been complete without our tournament players who helped us raise $3,500 for Miss Maggie. And, finally, a big congratulations to our top 10 finishers!

Mother Daughter Tea Party

Thank you to Sharon Trett for such a fun idea. Moms, daugthers, sons, grandmas, aunts, friends and more came together on August 13th for one great party! Lunch was delicious, the fashion show was fab and the raffle prizes were great. And in the middle of all this fun, over $1,500 was raised for Maggie May! A special thank you to 6-year-old Shelby who handmade little soaps to sell to guests. She sold out her 60 bags of soaps in record time, and congratulations to Katy and Becky Alonzo for the best dressed prize.

Washington Garage Sale

Thank you to Maggie's extended family in the Tacoma, Washington area for their big garage sale. Aunts, uncles, cousins and grandparents spent a weekend raising over $500!

Bake Sale

Thank you to Brenda Schumacher and the employees and families from her child care center. In June, they had a one-day only bake sale and raised over $300 for Maggie!

The Hearts of Teenagers

Thank you to Angelica and Melysa Mae two teenager sisters with very big hearts. This family was so moved by Maggie and her story, that they hit their neighborhood to collect pop cans and raise money. In just two weeks, they raised over $400 by knocking on doors and sharing Maggie' s story. Wow!

Car Wash

Thank you to the students and families at Family Kicks Taekwondo for thier very busy Car Wash. They raised over $560 for little Miss Maggie!

Papa's Pizza

What a turnout! Thank you to all of the moms who held playdates at Papa's Pizza and all of the families who invited friends to join them for dinner. Papa's Pizza said it was a really busy lunch rush. This event raised $818.12 for Maggie! We love pizza!

Antiquities Portraits

Thank you to Becky Alonzo for arranging such a fun event! Over two and a half days, nearly 170 families came together to dress up in cute, old-fashioned costumes with big smiles for the camera! Thank you to Creative Children's Center for donating the space, as well as all of the volunteers who helped sell coupons and worked the event. We can't say enough good things about our new friends from Tennessee - the photographers from Antiquities. We had so much fun working with them. We're still crunching numbers, but it looks like we'll raise over $3,300!

Garage Sale #2

Thank you to Becky and Bob Alonzo who hosted our second garage sale. We couldn't have done another weekend of sales without all of the family and friends who gave us even more items to sell. A special thanks to the volunteers who also made it possible.. We took advantage of the holiday weekend, and sold almost another $2,100 of items in three days! A big thank you to little Katy who sold cookies too!

Heroes at Work

Thank you to the 1/1 Special Forces Batallion in Okinawa Japan. This team of American soldiers just returned from an 8-month tour of duty in Iraq. Upon their return to their base in Japan, they organized a donation drive for Maggie and raised $1,100! A special thank you to Maggie's Uncle Vince, Kami and Kirk who help organized this special fundraiser.

White Elephant Auction

A big thank you to the Killion family and Spartan Mortgage for hosting a White Elephant Auction in their office. Together, these employees raised $1,200 in just four days! What a great idea!

Dining at Chevy's

Thank you to everyone who turned out for lunch, happy hour and/or dinner at Chevy's. Our waitress that night said it was the busiest she'd seen since Mother's Day. We had the staff hoppin'. Chevy's will donate almost $400 to Maggie's COTA account. Not bad for a night off from cooking dinner!

Garage Sale

Our first garage sale was a huge success! Thanks to Sharon Trett for organizing the garage sale. We couldn't have done it without our team of volunteers as well as all of the friends and neighbors who donated items for the sale. We raised over $2,200 in just two days!

Garage Sale Lemonade Stand

Thank you to Ali, Lucas, Josh, Keenan, Nick and Katy for hosting the Lemonade and Cookie Stand during the garage sale. They raised $96!

Josh & Keenan's Kool-Aid Stand

Thank you to Josh and Keenan who used the power of persuasion to sell over $50 at their Kool-Aid stand. We understand mom and the neighbors helped bring the customers in!

The Maggie May Golf Tournament

This event, hosted by VenCore Solutions, was fabulous! Over 100 golfers hit the course in Oregon City on a beautiful, sun-filled day, and we had almost 90 items in the silent auction. Results are still being tabulated, but it looks like we raised over $30,000! Thank you to VenCore Solutions, our hole sponsors, donators and golfers. Wow!


Thank you to 5-year-old Lucas who has been selling little peppermint mints to everyone and anyone who walks in the front door of his house. He actually charges admission into his room when friends come to play. Friends, family and Mommy's customers have enjoyed the mints, and Lucas has deposited over $80 into Maggie's account!

Ali & Her 2nd Grade Class

Ali and her friends have been selling bracelets and accepting donations in a coin jar in Ms. Carlson's Classroom. To date they have contributed over $196 dollars to COTA for Maggie! Thank you!

Tina Koffel & The Employees of US Bank

Thank you to Tina and company who are raising funds with canisters on their desks and bracelet & magnet sales. Donations so far are well over $100!

Nicholas & His 3rd Grade Class

Through word of mouth and a coin drive, these 3rd graders are working together to collect donations for Maggie's account. With over $56 in donations, it's so great to see our young friends making a difference in their community!

Family Kicks Taekwondo

Thank you to our friends at Family Kicks Taekwondo who raised $140.00 at their concession stand on May 21st for Maggie's COTA account at their Spring Tournament! They have also been selling COTA bracelets and accepting donations in their canisters to the tune of nearly $200! Thank you Family Kicks!

Stampin' Up Stamp Camp

Thank you to Stampin' Up consultant Shannon Krone and her customers who raised $250.00 at Shannon's May Stamp Camp to benefit Maggie's COTA account!

Spring Shopping Spree

Thank you to the independent consultants who came together for a day of shopping in May. To date, this event has raised over $2,000!

St. Baldrick's Day

On April 3, 2005, Maggie's cousin, Nicholas Alonzo, joined two of Maggie's doctors for a shaving! Nicholas collected $2,399 in donations for shaving his head. These funds went to the national St. Baldrick's Foundation which helps fund research for childhood cancer. Their goal is to reach the day where all children with cancer have a cure! Thank you Nicholas!


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