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Photo Gallery

Tea Party Weekend - August 2005


Maggie having her own tea party in her hospital room after the tea party in Beaverton. Grandma brought Maggie her own tea party and china, lots of cookies, sandwiches, and surprise, surprise - some presents!

Just a spot of tea please

Cousin Kaylee was still in her beautiful tea party dress. She and Maggie played for quite a while. There was Strawberry Shortcake toys and K'Nex to keep them busy. As you can see, they were all smiles!

This is Kaylee's Grandma Celeste who came all the way from Tacoma too for the tea party. What a special treat for Miss Maggie to see all her family and friends from up north.

I don't think the smiles get any better than this! With cucumber sandwiches, smoked salmon sandwiches, cookies, scones and tea in their tummies - these are some pretty happy girls.

Linda came all the way from the hot, hot, hot Palm Desert for a cool afternoon of tea (and playdough) with Miss Maggie May!

Maggie's smiles are just contageous. Here's Tammy - she's all smiles just like Maggie May.

Maggie May is really quite the celebrity. Watch out American Idol - she'll be stealing America's hearts soon! This is Natalia getting her turn with Maggie smiles.




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