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Photo Gallery

Play Date At Katy's House


I'm here! Let's get this party started!

I'm so happy to see you!

Mommy is so happy to be with both of her girls!

Maggie knew exactly what she wanted to eat when she wasn't at the hospital - McDonald's! A cheeseburger, chicken nuggets, french fries, ketchup, mustard, BBQ sauce, sweet 'n sour sauce and chocolate milk!

Yum, yum... digging in on her 1st cheeseburger in quite a while.


Playing with Angelina is the BEST!

Shake your groove thing!

Resting with Grandma Sharon and reading a book.

Maggie and Katy watching the Backyardigans!


Playing dress up with Ariel's wig.

Painting nails with Aunt Becky.

Maggie fed Angie for the first time. She was loving it!

Smiling with cousin Lucas!

Did I mention how happy I am?

What a happy family!


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