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Photo Gallery

July 24 - July 27, 2005


CCyndi and Baby Zoe came to visit and wave through the window. Maggie loved waving at the baby.

This is Jamie Valdez, photographer at The Beaverton Valley Times. Jamie and reporter Christina Lent have become old family friends over the past few months. They always seem to enjoy their visits with Maggie, and she loves being their center of attention. Their latest update on Maggie is in the July 27th edition. You can view it on-line at www.beavertonvalleytimes.com. You'll understand why Jamie's wearing this great feather boa when you see Maggie's photo in the paper! Jamie - you're a great sport!

Aunt Becky brought Uncle Bob, Nick and Katy down for a visit on Monday night. Nick and Katy waved through the window and chatted over the cell phone with Maggie. She was pretty happy to see kids!

This is Maggie's first walk at Doerbecher! Since her ANC is coming back up, physical therapist Katie was allowed to take Maggie for a walk on Wednesday. She was so excited, and through quite a fit when it was time to go back to her room. She wanted just one more lap!

Taking a break and enjoying the great view from the 10th floor.

Aunt Kimmy tends to bring some mischief with her. On Wednesday night, it was shaving cream! We covered our arms and hands in the messy goo and sang "Frosty the Snowman" and "Let It Snow!" We even sang "Christmas Time in Hawaii," a favorite silly song from preschool.

I would pay a million bucks to see that smile all day long! Wish you all could of heard the laughter. I'm convinced that laughter can cure anything.

Today police officers from the City of Portland visited Doernbecher for an ice cream social in the children's park at the hospital. Maggie was invited to go down, but isn't able to leave the 10th floor. So, she went to her window that overlooks the garden and started waving. It didn't take long for her Julia Roberts smile to catch the eyes of those police officers, who made a bee-line up to her room! Beth said the room was full of police officers who played, chatted and visited with Maggie.

Here, Maggie was sharing her plastic bug collection with one of the officers. She warmed their hearts. And I understand they left quite a few little treasures for her.

It didn't take long for the TV cameraman to get wind of where the party had gone... Maggie's room. He heard from one of the volunteers about Maggie May be named for the Rod Stewart classic, and before long he was in on the fun too! Beth said they all stayed for quite awhile, and Beth did her best to capture all of them admiring her shining star! KGW Newschannel 8 in Portland did a short story on their 5:00 news with some footage of Maggie. We didn't get to hear her sing, but she was certainly the star!


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