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Photo Gallery

Playing With Friends on July 20, 2005


Nurse Betsy came to visit with Nurse Darcie. What fun! Maggie was so happy to give Betsy this beautiful crown she made for her.
(We hear the other nurses were jealous when Betsy got back to work).

Nurse Darcie always has big smiles for Miss Maggie. Darcie's hair is growing back too because she went bald this year for St. Baldrick's Day. How cool!

Darcie and Betsy had lots of presents for Maggie. They remembered all of her favorites!
Macaroni and cheese...

... and Mustard!

They even brought a special Care Bear for Maggie to take care of. This will be more great on-the-job nurse training for Maggie who most definitely wants to be a nurse when she grows up! She can already tell you all about medicine, IV pumps vs. pushing meds, flushes and more. It's pretty funny to listen to her tell her nurses what to do next!

No princess, or rock star, would ever be complete without a beautiful purple feather boa. "We love Maggie, she's so cool!"

Beth said Maggie was having so much fun opening her presents. Maggie thought it was Christmas or her birthday. She insisted on posing with each item and making sure Beth took lots of photos. Sounds like she'll grow up to be a scrapbooker too.

Later that night Aunt Kimmy came to play. We definitely had a case of the giggles as we tried to take photos of ourselves!



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