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Photo Gallery



Spending some time playing computer games on Mommy's laptop!

Blowing bubbles and sharing smiles!

Maggie and cousin Katy in late March - smiles without fighting!

Playing Play-Doh helps pass the time.

Anyone ready for a walk?

Maggie's view of Mommy and Daddy. Doesn't Mommy's haircut look cute?

Cousin Ali and Maggie playing with paper dolls. Another way to pass the time.

Let's go for a walk! Maggie loves her Princess robe and lion slippers.

Maggie has been missing the grocery store since checking in to the hospital. This little cart from her friends at Physical Therapy gives her a chance to go shopping on the children's wing!

Maggie taking baby doll for a stroll along the 3rd floor.

The Williams' first family vacation was scheduled for April - a trip to Disneyland. Since they couldn't make it to southern California, cousin Ali brought Disneyland to them. Maggie liked her new clothes and toys, and she even got in on some pin trading!

Maggie's favorite viewing spot - the fish tank.

"I've got to get just a little closer to take a look."

Cold cloths are one of the only ways to fight fever. This is the perfect viewing spot for TV though.

"Are you looking at me?"


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