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Photo Gallery

Disneyland - Dinner at Goofy's Kitchen


Within an hour of Maggie's arrival at Disneyland, we had her set up for dinner at Goofy's Kitchen. Our group was so big, it took two large tables to fit us all, which was perfect. We actually ended up with our own private room. As you can see, there were lots of cameras and camcorders on hand.

Maggie actually eating food! Goofy spent quite a bit of time interacting with Maggie. She got lots of hugs and kisses from this cutie pie!

This is Goofy's son Max, one of Maggie's favorites. She especially likes the Extremely Goofy movie with the disco music. Max was happy to dance some disco with all of us!

Hard to tell who is happier - Grandpa Bob or Minnie? Grandpa just couldn't resist the characters. Yes, Disneyland is definitely for the young and young at heart.

Aunt Becky wanted to make sure Aladdin knew that princess Maggie was one of his biggest fans. He was happy to hear that.

Aladdin, who was suppose to be on a break, spent a few extra minutes with Maggie May. He fell in love with our little princess, and quickly requested one of our special "Maggie May's Dream" buttons. Grandpa Bob was happy to share it. When Aladdin heard that "A Whole New World" was one of Maggie's favorite songs, he burst into song and sang a few lines!

Princess Maggie was so happy to meet Princess Aurora - her favorite princess. And by some luck of magic (or higher powers), Aurora knew how special she was to Maggie. Aurora came bearing gifts - special 50th anniversary golden Mickey ears and a little Minnie Mouse toy. (I love what Disney can do on such short notice)!

Maggie in Disneyland with cottage cheese, fruit and Princess Aurora - it doesn't get any better than this!

Aurora's lipstick left a beautiful little kiss on Maggie's cheek. Wow - what a smile!

Pluto was happy to come down to Maggie for some smiles and photos.





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