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Photo Gallery

Golf Tournament


Kim, Adina & Jodi getting ready for the crowds to check in.

Cindy & Cindy are prepared for big mulligan sales!

Everyone's getting ready for the big event.

VenCore Solutions Co-Founder Len Ludwig, who charged golfers $5.00 to make him shut up and $10 to go away. It worked! Len collected nearly $200 from golfers on the course. Thank you Len!

Golfers getting ready for the big day.

We had over 50 carts lined up and ready to go. All those balloons symbolize Mulligan Shots that raised more money for Maggie!

"Let's get this party started!"

Oh yeah... we're ready to roll!

Randy and "Papa Potato" are ready for some Oregon sunshine!

Jason's making sure he understands the rules before they head out.

No cart should be heading out without those mulligan balloons!

"We're ready!"

What a perfect day for a round of golf. The weather couldn't have been better!

The Rose City Sound team was proud to be a part of the Maggie May Tournament.

"Doh!" Bill was stuck in the sand.

Randy wishing he never landed in the sand...

The whole team playing "Papa Potato" got stuck in the sand... but it wasn't for long.

Rick and Jim are ready for the big day.

Rick hadn't played golf in years. He was so excited to be a part of Maggie's tournament.

Wow! Look at that ball go.

Posting the scores... Rose City Sound was the big winner of the day. Thank you Mulligans!

Buster's BBQ setting up for dinner before the silent auction.

Time to check out those auction tables. What can't we live without?

Shopping's easy when it's for a good cause like little Miss Maggie May.

Chris and Gilian were a big part of putting together the golf tournament. Here Chris gives thanks to all of the businesses and individuals who made the day possible.

Randy and "Papa Potato."
Best friends who haven't seen each other in years. One traveled from Palm Springs, California, the other from Tacoma, Washington - all for one special little girl.



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