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Photo Gallery

Fun & Friends at Doernbecher


Janie comes to visit and brings fun surprises! Janie was Maggie's Physical Therapist at Emanuel Hospital. Maggie was happy to see a familiar face.

Nurse RaeAnn also came to visit from Emanuel. Look at those smiles!

RaeAnn has a naughty little puppy, Roxy. And now Maggie has a matching little Pug of her own.

This is Ali, Aunt Kim and Lucas putting on a show through the window. They were popping up and down and making silly faces. Maggie couldn't stop laughing!

This side view doesn't quite give justice to the huge smiles and big laughs Maggie had for the clowns in her window.

Maggie loves Music Therapy! This week she got to borrow the QCord (Digital Guitar) again. She loves strumming away and singing her favorite tunes.

The view from Maggie's bed. She loves her poster with pictures of family and friends. Her Child Life Specialist introduced a reward chart this week to make taking medicine and baths a little more fun.

Maggie hanging out in her hospital hotel. Her new room is a bit bigger, and she really loves having 24/7 access to a computer.

Maggie's favorite curtain made the trip to this hospital hotel too. And no princess' room would be complete without, "Fairy Tales Do Come True!"



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