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Photo Gallery

More Disneyland


Maggie riding on a humpback whale on King Triton's carousel. She rode five or six times on Friday, and again several times on Sunday. Definitely a favorite ride!

Maggie geared up and ready to go. She's decked in her new princess hat and princess shades, an Honorary Citizen sticker (which cast members often shared with all of the kids in our entourage), Koda bear and her very own "Maggie May's Dream" button. This is her getting on her "bossy" face - it's time to roll and she doesn't want to wait!

Grandpa Bob won bears in the arcade, and Maggie quickly named hers "Papa Potato." With seven kids, 10 adults, two strollers (sometimes three) and a wheelchair - there's lots of gear to get around!

Maggie and gang getting ready for the big parage. Maggie's enjoying a hotdog smothered in mustard and relish.




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