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Photo Gallery

Day Pass Trip to Aunt Becky's House
June 26, 2005


These photos were taken on a cell phone, so while not perfect quality, you will quickly see why we think Maggie is going to grow up to be a superstar!

"Maggie Rules..."

This is definitely a rock star in the making! What a performance.

"And she loves her mom and dad, they're the best!"
And yes, that is a Lincoln Log for a microphone. It worked pretty good.

Okay, it's an entertainment center she's holding on to, but just imagine it's a piano.

Anglelina, Maggie and Katy singing "The Backyardigans."
Angelina kept looking at the TV wondering where her favorite show was!

Cousin Nick had to join in on the "Please and Thank You" song from The Backyardigans.
This performance was definitely a family affair.

Maggie's other calling - a doctor or nurse. She use to say she wanted to be a doctor, but now she knows that the nurses have more fun!



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