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Photo Gallery

Disneyland: One Magic Meeting


A special meet and greet was arranged for Maggie on her first morning in Disneyland. Thank you so much to Kym Andrews, Ruth, Lori, Josh and the entire crew who planned a magical event for our entire family on very short notice. Maggie also was able to meet the princesses, and we'll post those photos soon. (Aunt Kimmy sends a special thank you to Lisa who seems to have contacts everywhere and helped us find just the right people to make things happen)!

This is at our private meeting with Mickey, Goofy, Pluto, Wendy, Peter Pan, Alice, Mad Hatter, Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum. Yes, that's little Maggie in the center of all the attention. These characters were just fabulous. Those who couldn't talk, kissed her, hugged her, stroked her hands, made her laugh... completely magical!

The characters were taking turns telling jokes. We were all laughing! This was such a precious gift not just for Maggie but for our entire family who needed an escape from the daily life of leukemia, treatments and hospitals.

Poor cousin Nick... Mad Hatter really put him on the spot by requesting a speech. We all gathered round, applauded and waited. His speech was brilliant, "Hi!" More laughs for everyone.

Goofy fell in love with Beth, who is a shining star just like her Maggie. He had big hugs and kisses for her.


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