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Photo Gallery

August 13 - 14


Once upon a time there were two princesses. They were the most beautiful girls in the world. And when they saw each other, they hugged and kissed and created the most incredible sunshine! Their love and laughter were infectious and made everyone feel better.

And sometimes the Maggie princess would be tired, but the Angelina princess just couldn't let her rest. She would hug her some more (and try to poke her in the eye)...

And Angelina Princess would be so happy. She would smile and clap...

But then the Fairy Godmother would say, "Angelina, what are you doing?" And Angelina's face would say, "Who me? Couldn't be!"

Maggie's favorite pasttime right now is playing Polly Pockets. She invites everyone to play with her. Here's she's playing Polly with cousin Ali.

This is Great Grandma Borchardt playing Polly Pockets with Maggie. What fun!

Maggie singing songs and playing the Q-Cord with the Music Cart Volunteer. Music - her favorite thing!

Playing Barbies and toys with cousin Kaylee from Tacoma. Maggie really enjoyed her playtime with Kaylee, and she cried when it was time for Kaylee to leave. Kaylee was just one of the guests who dressed up in her tea-party best and attended the tea party last weekend.

Maggie likes to play and engage everyone who comes to visit. Here she's showing Great Grandma Lois how to play with Kid K'Nex. They're making lots of cool sea creatures!

Rick took Maggie for a walk down to the clinic over the weekend to check out the fish tank. Watching fish has become a new favorite activity since March.

Yep, that's our Maggie in her gown, Pooh slippers and mask! She's walking Daddy out to the car for the first time. Rick has been juggling his days between work, hospital and home. After work, he heads to the hospital for a couple hours, then it's off to home to spend some time with Angelina before she goes to bed. Somewhere in there, usually around 9:00 or 9:30, he squeezes in some time for dinner.

Surrogate Grandma Linda came all the way from Palm Desert, California to be a part of Maggie's special Tea Party. Maggie loved singing and playing with Linda.

"Look Mom, no hands!" This is Maggie's new trick after throwing up. Beth said you usually don't feel the need for laughter during puke time, but Maggie's new trick of no hands, get's her every time. Hey, you have to find a little laughter in everything, right?




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