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Photo Gallery

Late July/Early August 2005


Maggie actually circled this outfit in a Toys R Us catalog. Beth actually paid full price for it (this is definitely a first for our bargain shopping mama)! I might add, that full price was totally worth it too!

Maggie hanging out with her best buddy, Nurse Quoc, on July 29th. Everyone loves the boa!

Maggie actually enjoying a bath. It takes some work to get clean in a tub without getting the Hickman port wet, but it can be done.

July 31: Cousin Chad came to with Maggie. Looks like she's practicing her massage skills she's been learning from the massage therapist who volunteers her time at Doernbecher.

This just might be the best sandwich you can find in a hospital - a little slice of Maggie sandwiched between cousin Chad and Aunt Terri. Looks pretty yummy!

Dr.Norwood came to visit our American Idol on July 31st too. What a fun, busy day with lots of friends!

Maggie hanging out with Papa Potato (yes, she really calls him that) on August 1st.

The Manicurist is back in! Get your place in line, she gives the cheapest manicure in all of Portland.

Maggie's big, fluffy teddy bear finally arrived from her donor. Once we saw how big it was, we understood why it didn't come with the bag of bone marrow! She named her "Katy, not for cousin Katy, but for my imaginary friend who looks like this in my brain."

"I caught one!" Thank you Dr. Teng for the bubbles.



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